Hanging Yourself with a Pink Ribbon? Komen for the Cure

An interesting read by Richard Lavinthal: Komen for the Cure learns what happens when PR isn’t directing traffic. 
 Here’s a blurb –  Hanging Yourself with a Pink Ribbon? 

The social network-launched, media-stoked furor over $680,000 in flip-flopped Planned Parenthood grants by Komen for the Cure shows how nasty collisions can occur at the three-way intersection of news, spin, and politics, especially if skilled PR professionals are not at least attempting to direct the traffic…(for the rest go to: http://blog.commpro.biz/prcafe/crisis-communications/hanging-yourself-with-a-pink-ribbon-komen-for-the-cure-learns-what-happens-when-pr-isnt-directing-traffic/)