Easy Summer Dinner Recipe – Chicken and Caesar Salad Wraps

We just had the yummiest, healthiest, dinner at a pool party last week. Yes, for you Northerners, a pool party. We are technically in the South after all. It’s only 10am here and its already 84 degrees with 50% humidity y’all. Back to the recipe – chicken and caesar salad wraps:


  • One package flour tortillas
  • Grilled chicken breast cut into small slices
  • One package Caesar salad mix (we don’t add the parmesan and croutons but you can)


Grill chicken, add to one package mixed Caesar salad (buy the mix) and voila – instant healthy and light meal for your family. Miniature ones are great for a party. Another idea is to serve full size sandwiches and wrap the outside of the tortilla in a brightly colored napkin and stack them on a serving plate – guests can just grab and eat – the napkin is already there.

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