GMA Deals and Steals on American Made Products January 30, 2013

From trendy jewelry to personalized blankets, to rocking horses and delicious BBQ, this week’s “Deals and Steals” are all on must-have products that were made in America. Make sure to go to the GMA site for deal details and promotional codes.

Chalkboard China: The Colors Collection
Original: $20 to $33
GMA Exclusive Deal: $10 to $16.50
50% savings

Alisa Michelle: Cuff Jewelry
Original: $90 to $110
GMA Exclusive Deal: $19 to $25
77%-79% savings

Pig of the Month BBQ: Assorted Meals
Original: $75 to $104
GMA Exclusive Deal: $37.50 to $51
50% – 51% savings

Butterscotch Blankees: Classic Monogram Blanket
Original: $130
GMA Exclusive Deal: $65
50% savings
Valid: 1/30/13

The Little Tikes Company: Rocking Horse
Original: $30
GMA Exclusive Deal: $15 + FREE SHIPPING
50% savings

Tory isn’t the only one with American Made products she’s promoting today. Check out this great company called Indie Mats – no nail wall decor:

Indie Mats: Bare Walls Beware! (use code alicecorrine for a discount on their site)

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