Are Gwyneth’s reps telling her to be more relatable? Actress admits to liking french fries!

Yep, US Magazine gave us the big news today that Gwyneth Paltrow likes French fries. Why do we care? We don’t. But, Ms. Goop herself was just voted the most hated celebrity in 2013 by Star magazine. The actress more identified for liking French bikini waxes and French burn creams suddenly fesses up to liking French fries? Puh-leeze. Sounds like a PR stunt to us. Don’t worry, Gwyn, we still love you – don’t forget you were one of our top 10 female celebrities of 2011.

In the latest issue of British Cosmopolitan, Gwyneth Paltrow shares her thoughts and Botox and getting older -- and reveals which "guilty snack" she eats on a day off from her diet.

Photo credit: David Becker/Getty Images

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