To tan or not to tan?

Fun tanning article from Fashion Reveller!

Penny Pow's Style Diary

It appears that Summer has finally arrived in the UK (hooray) for me that means I can finally roll out the clothes I have bought in anticipation of this sunny weather. Finally I can wear my fabulous shorts, skirts and dresses without having to worry about whether I’ll need a jacket – some fashion freedom at last! However there is one issue, now that I can expose my skin in all it’s glory it is unfortunately pasty white – the horror. Nothing worse than rocking a beaut Summer outfit whilst looking slightly anaemic which is why I am a fan of having a tan.


The whole tan debate seems to have become quite controversial of late, what with the constant threat of skin cancer and the alternative fake tan option – risking looking like an umpa lumpa, not to mention the orange bed sheets. It is now being…

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