Good Genes: Celebrities With Good Looking Family Members

Celebrities might be known for their good looks but lucky for us their genes were shared with other family members!

Cara and Poppy Delevingne (sisters) – Could these two be any more gorgeous?

Cara Delevingne and Poppy Delevingne -1217313


Taylor and Austin Swift (siblings) – who knew Taylor had a good looking brother?!

Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corrine Bishop – He’s a proud Papa, bringing Corrine to all the big award shows!

Ben and Casey Affleck (brothers) – double good looks for these Boston natives.


Mary Kate, Elizabeth and Ashley Olsen (sisters) – Did this family win the genetic lottery?

Penelope and Monica Cruz (sisters) – They are so beautiful – and they also have a good looking brother!

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber – I see modeling in Kaia’s future!

Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos and their son, Joaquin – How could Joaquin be anything but gorgeous with parents that look like that?!

Kate, Pippa and James Middleton (siblings) – This family was not only blessed with looks, but also poise and grace.


Brody and Kendall Jenner (half-siblings) – Bruce Jenner is the dad to these famous half-siblings.


Image courtesy OK magazine.

Chace Crawford and Candice Romo (siblings) – Chace’s sister, Candice is married to football star Tony Romo.


Scott and Clint Eastwood (son/father) – Scott clearly inherited his dad’s good looks.

fifty-shades-grey-casting-scott-eastwood-new-christian-grey scott-and-clint-eastwood

Julianne, Marabeth and Derek Hough – talk about a family blessed with good genes…

Liam and Chris Hemsworth – Um Hello…..No wonder Meryl Streep thinks these brothers are hot!