The Bachelorette 2014: Episode 4 Poker Faces and Good-byes

Who is watching The Bachelorette this season? We’re now a few episodes in and have a pretty good idea who everyone is and what they’re all about. Andi makes a classy and fashionable Bachelorette, plus she brings the same feistiness she shared with us on Juan Pablo’s season. Last nights episode had us down to the final 13 men. First of all, how hot are the guys this season?! I mean, really?! Marcus, Chris, Dylan, Josh…it’s hard to believe these guys have to go on a reality show to find love.  I was mainly focused on the Eric and Andi relationship, knowing that he was not only leaving the show on this episode but died shortly thereafter. It was hard to watch the awkward exchanges between them knowing what happens. Their personalities were clearly mismatched which culminated in Eric telling Andi he thought she was acting too much and was using a poker face. Needless to say, Andi didn’t like that, and Eric left in a taxi before the rose ceremony. As we all know now, Eric died from a paragliding accident in April. The show ended with Chris Harrison and Andi addressing Eric’s death and paying a small tribute to him – they were obviously upset that he left under bad circumstances but you can’t get more real than that.

Also, did Andi have something done to her face before she went on the Bachelorette? It looks like its probably Botox. She still looks good just a little different than when she was on with Juan Pablo.

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