Bachelorette 2014: Hometown Dates Recap

First of all, Nick aside, are these guys for real?! How the Bachelorette producers found Josh and Chris is beyond me. They are so perfect – they look perfect, they act perfect, their families are perfect – heck they even cry. Okay, lets back up though, and start from the beginning of Andi’s hometown adventures.

The first hometown date Andi had was Nick’s in Wisconsin. Nothing about Nick’s family is what I would’ve imagined. I guess I was picturing him as a spoiled only child – turns out he’s one of like 20 kids, alright only 11 – but who has 11 kids and doesn’t live in Utah? Also, his family seemed really nice and normal. He had an adorable little sister who looked like Jennifer Garner with a bob, his mom was sweet, his sister was caring – why he can’t play well with the other boys at the playground is beyond me. The next date was with Chris, the farmer, who is just too nice for words. He has three older sisters who are very proud of him and obviously adore him. They did fun things like play hide and seek in the cornfields, have a picnic and ride a tractor – I mean, what else is there to do in the middle of Iowa?

Andi Dorfman and Chris on 'The Bachelorette' Hometown Andi Josh

The third date found Andi back in her native Georgia with Josh’s family, who as I mentioned above, is perfect. The producers tried to make us think Andi was scared off by football talk – but with all that perfection, who minds a little sports conversation? Andi even looked like Josh’s family – his mother could easily pass as her own mother. The final date was with dear Marcus. Marcus is like the cutest puppy dog guy ever but his visit just couldn’t hold up to the other three. He was eliminated at the rose ceremony.

This was also the episode where they tell Andi and the remaining men that Eric Hill died in a paragliding accident – probably resulting in the most real moment this reality show has ever had. I felt bad they told them in front of the cameras and can’t imagine how difficult that was for everyone. Andi felt guilty for ending things on bad terms with Eric and it was, as can be expected, a very emotional wrap up of the episode. Next week – the fantasy suites.