Bachelor in Paradise – Best Tweets of the Night

It was another week of Michelle’s perfect eyebrows, drama, new arrivals, injuries and of course, Elise, on Bachelor in Paradise last night. Luckily the cast, as well as Bachelor Nation, were able to make it all fun on Twitter. Here are our favorite Tweets of the night:

This guy on hurt his leg badly, then his date said “This is my man now, forever.” This was also the plot of “Misery.”

“I follow you on Instagram,” AshLee tells Graham silently adding “And I drive by your house with my lights off.”

So,I kinda wanna know how Chris sprained his leg in the the ocean, and I kinda don’t

Elise is trending. In a related story, Elise is now head over heels in love with Twitter

Jackie made some upgrades this offseason.

chrisjbukowski 12h

I am not a rainbow.

BachelorInterns 12h

How do you guys like the cane we whittled for ? We tried to carve a rose at the top but aren’t that crafty.

This can only be more perfect if on the way back they’re both walking with a limp.