No Adults Allowed: Teepees, Tents and Forts

No Adults Allowed: Kids’ Forts up to 55% off

Set up a castle in the living room and tunnels in the playroom with the personal hideaways in this cozy collection on sale today at Zulily. Sheets and chairs still make charming escapes, but these fun forts take a fraction of the time to put together thanks to smart designs and special pop-up technology. A variety of styles ensures you’ll find a pick that perfectly suits your little one. Click here to start shopping now – this is a limited time sale that ends in 3 days.

Glow-in-the-Dark Teepee

Glow-in-the-Dark Teepee on sale today for $109.99 – normally $174

Cardboard Imagine Ice Cream Truck

Cardbooard Ice Cream Truck on sale for $43.99 – normally $60

Cardboard Snack Shack

Cardboard Snack Shack $54.99 – normally $74

Blue Pocket Five-Panel Tepee

Blue Pocket Five Panel Teepee on sale today for $109.99 – normally $185

Orange Polka Dot Five-Panel Teepee

Orange Polka Dot Teepee on sale today for $119.99 – normally $190

My Very Own Castle

Castle on sale for $24.99 – normally $30

Pink VW Camper Pop-Up Play Tent

Pink Pop-Up Camper VW Play Tent on sale for $39.99 – normally $60