The Voice 2014 #KnockoutsBegin #KnockoutsContinue

Is anyone watching The Voice with us this season? It’s very entertaining with new judges Pharrell and Gwen Stefani – and of course, Adam and Blake never cease to make us smile with their back-and-forth bantering. The artists are now in the Knockout stage of the competition, which precedes the live shows. Taylor Swift was a guest advisor for all the coaches and artists this week, giving the competitors tips that they can use in their performance. We picked our favorites from the blinds a couple weeks ago but only a few are left. These Knockouts have been brutal – the biggest losses so far have been Troy Ritchie and Daniel Griffin. Our new faves are:

Ricky Manning (still rooting for him – he’s on team Gwen now though) – he looks like a star.

Taylor John Williams is a favorite of all the coaches and is on team Gwen.

Jessie Pitts (Blake stole her in the Battle Rounds) – we love her voice.

Luke Wade is on team Pharrell.

Bryana Salaz on team Gwen is adorable.

Taylor Phelan was stolen by Adam in the Knockouts.

The Knockouts continue next week. We’re still looking forward to seeing Ryan Sill and Chris Jamison. And, seeing Taylor Swift work the artists some more.