#TheBachelor Chris Soules Premier

Who watched the latest installment of the Bachelor series with farmer Chris last night on ABC? We had forgot just how darn cute Chris is. And, could he be any sweeter? ABC did a lot of teasers, and for the most part it just seemed like any other season premier – drunk girls, wacky limo exits, dramatic rose ceremony – you know the drill by now. We did like the red carpet and seeing past cast members though. But let’s get to the girls – who were your favorites? Ours are below:

Jade, 28 – Jade seemed really sweet and they appeared to have a good connection right out of the limo. However, she is a cosmetics developer (whatever that is) in Los Angeles. Doesn’t sound like a rural girl type lifestyle.


Kelsey, 28 – Kelsey is one of the two widows on the show this season. She lost her husband to heart failure in 2013. She’s a guidance counselor from Austin, Texas.


Kaitlyn, 29 – At first we didn’t know what to think about her dance/yoga moves with Chris, but she grew on us by the end of the show. She’s from Vancouver and is a dance instructor.

Mackenzie, 21 – Mackenzie is a dental assistant from Washington state. She seemed really sweet – not sure about the water painting (these girls had a lot of props) but I see some potential here. Plus dental assistants can live anywhere!

Tracy, 29 – Tracy is a fourth grade teacher from Florida. She is very cute and we thought she might even nab that first impression rose but Britt got it instead.


Whitney, 29 – Whitney is gorgeous and has a poise and grace about her. She’s a fertility nurse so as long as there’s a hospital or fertility doctor nearby it might work.