#TheBachelor Hometown Visits Funniest Tweets of the Night

It’s been an exciting couple of nights for Bachelor Nation. Lucky for us we were treated to two nights of The Bachelor and Chris’s never boring journey for love. Last night was the most interesting with the always popular hometown dates. Whitney, who is a fertility nurse, kicked it up a notch by trying to convince Chris she needed to test out his sperm, by giving him an old Playboy that Jade starred in, to help with the process. Just kidding…kind of. Now on to the truly entertaining part of the evening – the Tweets. Here are our favorites:

16h16 hours ago

In Bachelor sorority life I would want Whitney to be my Grandbig, Becca my Big and Carly in my pledge class.

I just don’t understand!? How is Britt‘s hair so soft and bouncy if she doesn’t wash it. Life is so unjust.

If Becca loses her virginity on the ferris wheel at the Louisiana State Fair, this would be the best episode ever.

no restaurant?.. What will Britt do for work?

Ironically, I’m pretty sure Jade’s photo shoot took place in the back of a Mustang.

The ol’ post breakup bench contemplation shot never gets old.

Little does Chris know, Jade’s about to show him her wild mustang. Or something.

It’s weird that Jade says she has a hard time opening up, because, you know…

Not to judge Chris’s choices, but keeping the virgin and sending Jade home probably limits his fun in the fantasy suite

With all of the money saved this season, next week goes to Bali


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Jade’s brother called her a wild mustang. Instantly became a Bachelor all time favorite moment.

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Chris looking at Jade’s naked pictures and video.

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Whitney and Chris in scrubs at her job.