Dance Moms – MattyB Episode Part 1

We know we shouldn’t watch Dance Moms – it’s a total train wreck, like most reality shows, and Abby is just awful … but, we can’t help ourselves. We turn in every week to see what verbal tirades she throws at the moms and kids. Families are always leaving and we’re always taking bets on who she’ll pick on after her latest victim leaves. Abby could care less if anyone is left except Maddie and Mackenzie so it’s never boring. This past week’s episode featured MattyB – who we’ve never heard of before – which is probably a good thing since he’s like 10. He is making a music video and wants to audition members of the team to be in it. A lot of predictable drama ensues with Abby demanding that Mackenzie be given equal billing on the video if she’s in it.  The episode ends with MattyB’s team refusing to give her that billing. Normally we’d have to wait until next week to see how it pans out, however, MattyB posted the video on Friday and Mackenzie’s not in it. Jo Jo is the most featured and does a great job. Here’s the video: