#TheBachelor Finale and After the Final Rose Funniest Tweets of the Night

Last night was the season finale of the Bachelor with Chris Soules – the non-exciting but cute farmer who turned out to be quite the ratings success for ABC. Twitter was aflutter with quick reactions to all the night’s events including an engagement, a cow named Juan Pablo and the announcement of the next bachelorette(s). See our favorite tweets of the night below. Also, here is a great recap of the show for those who missed it.

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He asks your five year plan and you mention “long distance” again? Not good.  

There’s no way Neil Lane is in Iowa. This is Green Screen magic.

Chris Harrison says that Chris may not get what he needs from Becca. I think he knew that when they went to the fantasy suite.

:: will find the closure with ? Huh? She’s there. Already looking at schools for the kids.

This barn looks like some sort of Pinterest fantasy. Are there mason jars?

The barn looks amazing but it still smells like pig shit.

Bukowski is driving that limo.

“Chris is waiting inside the barn.” Just what every woman wants to hear!

Becca looks fab. And suddenly Chris is stumbling over his words again.

Whitney must be amazing at job interviews.

Fun fact: Off camera, Kaitlyn, desperate for work, is actually plowing the fuck out of his fields.

Do we think Becca is on cat tranquilizers?

Fingers crossed that past married contestants we vaguely care about come back and give advice!

Britt‘s hair looks jacked up. When was her last shower?

Britt will cry 5x, make out 3x, and fall in and out of love ..All on night one.

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