#TheBachelor Funniest Tweets of the Night

It’s never a dull night in Bachelor Nation on the premier of a new season – think mini ponies, large rose headpieces and a unicorn mask. New Bachelor Ben certainly had his hands full. In case you missed some of the comedy going on in Twitter we rounded up some of our favorites from last night.

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The way Lace doesn’t move her top or bottom jaw when she speaks really freaks me out!

I would have loved Ben forever if he put the unicorn mask back on JoJo.

Just a reminder: Their job description is “twins.”

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Thank goodness hair grows.

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“Hopefully I’ll see you both at the rose ceremony. Otherwise I’ll see you on Bachelor in Paradise 3.”

What are the chances that Amber came to the mansion STRAIGHT from ?

The first girl on the hover board exploded.

How did this “unemployed” girl afford her hover craft?

Remember that time when Whitney was engaged to Soules for like, six weeks? That was fun.