#TheBachelor Week 3 Funniest Tweets of the Night

We are only at week 3 of The Bachelor with Ben Higgins and the crying, cankles and cattiness show no signs of slowing down. Let’s just say Bachelor Nation was certainly not at a loss for things to  ‘tweet’ about last night.

Ben: “The drama is over.” Lace: “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“I’m sorry your friends died. Can we talk about my toes?”

Drinking game for the : every time one of the girl says,” I can’t even ” drink till you just can’t even.

Whoever is responsible for casting Olivia deserves a promotion

Is this the same Amber from After Paradise? I thought she ended up with Jorge the bartender.

14h14 hours ago

“People find me intimidating” is code for “people think I’m a massive bitch and I don’t actually care”

If I were Ben, I’d ask her for more pretzels while in flight.

We couldn’t help ourselves. We had to fly over the mansion.

You guys, I weirdly like the twins. Or at least Emily. Mainly cause I can’t remember the other ones name…

Even my 12 year old noticed the twins job description is “twin”

When you’re excited for to start but you realize you’re out of wine

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