2/15/16 Funniest Tweets of the Night #TheBachelor

Well, there was plenty of material from last night’s Bachelor for Twitterverse aka Bachelor Nation to work with – even without Lace or Olivia. For starters, Ben’s mom cries after meeting Emily (oh honey, you should feel lucky he didn’t bring Olivia to the lake). And, just a side note, the black and gray plaid blanket got more one-on-one time than any girl this week…

That ride was put together by 15 year olds making minimum wage. It’s okay to scream

If we can get a hot tub to the middle of a snake infested field, we can build carnival rides.

17h17 hours ago
“I’ve never been this nervous?!?!” AMANDA – you BIRTHED a CHILD for Fs sake!!

Time to do some soul searching, Becca. I don’t think you’re a virgin for the reason you cite.

Emily made Ben’smomcry & she hasn’t even told her she’s not allowed in the delivery room for their first kid yet.

This date would be so much better if Olivia showed up.

Would we notice if the other twin switched places with her at this point?

Ronnie for Bachelor.

How about that half court shot. Only took him 30 tries!!

17h17 hours ago

I never want to work a McDonalds Drive-Thru unless I’m on an episode of Undercover Boss

Ben: “Do you bring your kids to McDonald’s?” Amanda: “Yes!!” Ben: “But… I thought you said you were a good mother”

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