#Oscars 2016 Best and Worst Dressed

We all know Chris Rock was the best part of the Oscars telecast last night but in terms of fashion some ladies nailed it while others well… missed the mark. Here are our favorite looks of the night from Naomi and more:

Happy couple: She attended the awards with her dapper partner Liev Schreiber whose movie Spotlight is up for three awards

Naomi Watts


Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klein


Alicia Vikander (this looked so pretty on TV – doesn’t look as good in photos)


Worst Dressed:

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet (looks like a trash bag)


Jennifer Lawrence – sorry this is just plain ugly.

Amy Poehler – we didn’t even recognize her. Amy, fire your stylist!


Brie Larson (really dislike the belt)


Charlize Theron – everyone loved this dress but us. It makes her shoulders look way too broad.

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