#TheBachelor Finale: Lauren B Wins His Heart and Funniest Tweets

Can’t believe we’re still calling her Lauren B. but Lauren B. it is and last night she was the lucky recipient of the final rose in the season finale of the Bachelor with Ben Higgins. For those of you who were Jo Jo supporters – come on, he cried when Lauren’s sister asked him what he loved about Lauren… you should’ve seen it coming (even with the producer’s clever editing). Here are some of the funniest tweets from Twitter and Bachelor Nation last night:


Pretty sure Jo Jo’s brothers are still angry….. & very creepy.

There is not a bottle of wine big enough to get Jojo’s mother through this next hour.

Jo Jo’s brothers right now.

Jo Jo’s Brothers are waiting for you Ben

*Ben gets down on one knee* “Lauren B., will you go on Dancing With The Stars with me?”

Does Ben get a lunch break between ending his serious relationship and proposing to his other girlfriend?

JoJo: “How is the water so blue?!” JoJo, don’t underestimate the . They can move mountains…for no pay.

They need to caulk between floor and crown molding at this hotel.

Ocean contemplation shots are what I miss most about the bachelor. It’s not the same in my backyard staring at a fence.

Ben’s mom says Ben doesn’t know “who to plant his stake with,” and it’s the dirtiest thing I’ve ever heard on this show. EVER.

The minute I saw the families and Jo Jo’s brothers were not there, I immediately knew she lost.

If you squint, you can still see Olivia standing on the beach.

When you’re getting pumped for tonight’s episode then realize it’s the final show