#TheBachelorette Funniest Tweets of the Night

The Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher premiered last night. Here is our roundup of the funniest tweets of the night – and yes, they include Santa and the erectile dysfunction guy.

Is my fur more of an ivory or an off white?

JoJo has the unmistakable glow of a girl who hasn’t eaten a carb in the last month.

Although I am weary of anyone’s job title that leads with “former”

Y’all. Johnny Depp is on and he’s an erection doctor.


The fact that I’m watching with people who don’t know who Jake Pavelka is means that I’ve been watching this show way too long

“We need someone with zero self-awareness to fill the Olivia role this season” “What about Chad from Tulsa?” “Perfect!”

“If I was gay I’d be in paradise” wrong show my friend 😂

jennyandteets 13h13 hours ago

Going out on a limb now and predicting that the Canadian dude ends up murdering someone.

Daniel will be the first guy from this season to go to paradise…

mojo should just give everyone a breathalyzer and send home everyone who blows above a .08.

Santa and the Erectile Dysfunction guy get to stay? Hell yes! Thank you