#TheBachelorette Funniest Tweets of the Night

Last night on The Bachelorette JoJo was faced with: having to travel to somewhere in Pennsylvania; getting into a too hot hot tub; sending Ali home; and dealing with a violent psychopath. Never a dull moment in Bachelor Nation…

Sure you’re falling in love on these exotic dates. Go to Ikea together and try not to get in a fight and then we’ll talk.

Thank you for putting the swan right side up

Nothing against Pennsylvania, but what has happened to the travel budget on this show?

I would not be okay by being pulled by doggies. 😥

I want to be friends with Ali. This isn’t funny. Just a fact.

Evan looks like the member of a 90s boy band no one had a crush on.

JillBidenVeep 12h12 hours ago
Producers, Jordan would like a copy of this episode to send to NFL teams, please.

Evan was so excited to express his creativity through makeup.

Possessionista 12h12 hours ago

Congratulations, Jordan Rogers, for beating a DJ and a boner specialist in the sport you played for a living.

KatePeople 12h12 hours ago

As if being a war vet wasn’t enough proof of courage, Luke actually just sat himself down IN BETWEEN & .

ChrisHandsomeH 9h9 hours ago
Chad: “you don’t think I’ll come to your home and find you?” Jordan: “no. I live in a gated community”

Jojo, sniffling, remembers that Chad’s mother passed a mere six months ago. Chad: “Oh, yeah, that happened.”

We’re more worried about our cups.


For a second I was concerned that that circling bird of prey was looking to snatch up the tiny Marine

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