Favorite Tweets of the Night #TheBachelorette

When a show opens with Chad’s creepy whistling it can only go up from there. Fortunately Jordan’s hair and Robby’s “I love you” swooped in and helped us – and, more importantly  JoJo – recover from Chad. See all of our favorite tweets from last night’s episode.

JOJO FLETCHER the bachelorette

I have returned. Whistle whistle.

Evan will be hiding in the closet both literally and metaphorically while Chad is back at the house.

Would Daniel be shaving outdoors? Inside, the odds would decrease exponentially, methinks.

You’re all going to feel real silly when Daniel actually gets struck by lightning while…………….shaving his face. ⚡️

Spotted: US Weekly in the hotel room, likely planted by a producer, opened to the page of JoJo’s article.

bacheloretteFTW 15h15 hours ago

I feel as if I should be concerned that my boyfriends are treating a tabloid article like a peer-reviewed academic piece. 4_Liv 14h14 hours ago
Notes on : 1. Alex is a bully 2. Luke is a serial killer 3. Wells looks sick/exhausted 4. Evan wants his shirt

alanaapplebees2 15h15 hours ago Georgia, USA
Well we know it’s not Alex that makes it to the end because Jojo was looking up at the guy

Alex pulled a 180 from good guy to bad guy real fast and I’m feeling BETRAYED.

How often do you think Alex gets handed the Kids Menu at restaurants?

This is actually a 2-on-1 date with Jordan and Jordan‘s hair.

When Robby said he loves JoJo and it’s only their first one on one date

Probably my favorite photo of Robby from

I feel like Robby is the type of guy who would poke you on Facebook

JoJo: “Can I please send Vinny home now?” producers: “”Now that we’re done with that pivotal barbershop scene, yes”

And it’s go-home time for Evan, Grant, and Vinny the Barber. Many men glad they got their trims in beforehand.

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