The Final Rose: Funniest Tweets of the Night #TheBachelorette

Well it was the season finale of The Bachelorette last night and as we all knew from night one – or until it was spoiled for us – Jojo chooses Jordan. Bachelor Nation, as usual, didn’t disappoint on Twitter. There was plenty to tweet about with the always entertaining Fletcher family; two unemployed suitors; and of course Aaron Rodgers.

Jojos dad: “jordan, my fantasy football draft is coming up & i gotta know, is aaron 100% healthy this year? Hows his arm?”

Jojo’s brothers must’ve taken a lot of Prozac since last season, these guys are cheerful AF.

Sounds like Jojo’s mom is giving Robby two lips up

Is it me or is JoJo’s dad a dead ringer for one of the characters in the game “Guess Who?”

JoJo: “I’m crying because I’m confused, OK?!” Translation: “I WAS GOING TO PICK JORDAN AND YOU PEOPLE RUINED EVERYTHING.”

JoJo: Tell me who you like better. Be totally honest. Mom & dad: Robby Brother: Robby JoJo: WRONG ANSWER

Jordan: Your sister is a sweetheart. Jojo: I don’t have a sister.

Jordan talks for 5 minutes straight, hoping to stumble upon the correct answer to “What’s going on in your head?”

When you want to believe everything he’s saying because he has great hair…

“Hi! This is Aaron Rodgers’ Brother. Your daughter guilt-tripped me into asking your permission to whatever.”

If the sun isn’t setting when you get out of the limo, you’re screwed.

In the past I’ve found being unemployed was a deterrent to finding a meaningful relationship. Apparently, not the case.

Are we sure Robby’s not gay?

“I wanted it to be you but I still don’t know what you do for a job.” – JoJo and Everyone at home

On behalf of the Rodgers family, please stop talking about Aaron.

Oh, hi Chad…and security guard assigned to Chad!

Finale: JoJo gets her unemployed dream bro

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