Funniest Tweets of the Night #BIP #BachelorinParadise

Put Josh, Nick and references to Andi Dorfmann’s book in one show and that’s some good TV – nicely done Bachelor in Paradise producers.And, of course, props to the Interns for the camera in the bedroom with Lace and Grant. Here are some of our favorite tweets of the night:

The crab is getting more camera time than Jubilee.

Pretty sure God cringes every time Josh gives him a shout-out.

Amanda: “I have two kids.” Josh: “I have a dog.”

Played a game of beer pong with the “Famously Single” interns. Losers had to deal with Josh for another season.

KristenGBaldwin 13h13 hours ago
Amanda: “So, are you an emotionally abusing hothead like said in her book?” Josh: “Nope!” Amanda: “Good enough for me!”

Can someone give me a book of Daniel quotes for Christmas?

To be fair Evan also gives me erectile dysfunction

Amanda facetimes her kids every day so they can see which off the shoulder top she’s wearing.

Which poor had to run in there and uncover the camera?

If there is a camera there probably is sound.

Lace should have had a lawyer review Section II.(C)(7)(e)(iii) of the contract: “If you f*ck on camera, we showin’ it.”