#BachelorinParadise Funniest Tweets of the Night 8/24/16

Is it possible that the best two minutes of last night’s Bachelor in Paradise came after the credits rolled with the geography lesson between Daniel and one of the twins?  said it best with this tweet:

Damn! I wish the whole hour had been Daniel and a twin talking geography!

Brett has scarred Vinny forever. He can never look at a lamp the same way again. 😦

BachelorExpert Aug 22

This has reaffirmed that Caila would have been the worst .

Caila is giving me a migraine.

Not gonna lie, thought and were going to kiss there for a second 😂

Tanner: “I wonder if there’s an ulterior motive with Josh.” Jade is silent. Translation: “DUDE IS SKETCH. GTFO, AMANDA.”

Does Jared really have to say “I wanna kiss you” every time he leans in to kiss caila, like just go buddy stop announcing

Get out of the rain? Have you not seen The Notebook?! Quitters.

It took 59 minutes for Daniel to show up. Don’t do that to us again

If Daniel is explaining geography to you, it might be time to question your life choices.

Daniel quizzing a twin on geography. He wouldn’t be out of line to ask if she were dropped on her head.

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