Nick is the new #TheBachelor + Funniest Tweets This Week #BIP

SO MUCH to discuss between the two nights of Bachelor in Paradise and After Paradise. After Paradise’s Michelle Collins had the best line of the night with “…the twins killed off half the cast at the rose ceremony, it honestly felt like an episode of Game of Thrones.” But, of course the takeaway on Tuesday was that NICK is the new Bachelor! We were hoping for him to host a podcast during the next season, but wow, this is 1,000 times better. As you can imagine, Twitter was all aflutter with the news!

Josh is out here wearing a Lululemon shirt to a rose ceremony. First, the rose. Next, yoga class.

No, we did not give Jared back his stuff. It belongs to paradise now. That’s the price of love (and leaving unannounced).

It’s like every lost eyelash around the world has been given a second chance at life thanks to Lace.

a virgin, a random girl from Canada, and a Russian hooker walk into Jorge’s bar…

Sandra_Di_ Aug 29
Starting a gofundme to buy Josh a plane ticket out of paradise. jamieblynn Aug 30
Lesson: Best way to prove you don’t have anger issues is to go off on someone during a nationally televised reality show

dreamy_puma Aug 30
“Josh is a misogynistic, controlling jerk with a bad temper.” ~ Multiple Sources <Shrug> “I don’t see it.” ~ Amanda 😒

Is it too late to reprint Andi’s book with a footnote citing this fight as evidence of Josh’s anger?

EmilyLFoley 17h17 hours ago

Somewhere, Chris Bukowski is cursing the heavens and wondering where he went wrong.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try, try again.

I’m excited for Nick to be , but to be honest, I was hoping it would be Drake.

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