Is Megyn Kelly’s Move to NBC a Smart One?

Megyn Kelly, who made our list of the Top Ten List of Female Celebrities of 2016, just announced that she is officially making the jump from FOX to NBC. Is this a good move for her? NBC doesn’t have a great track record after they poach big names to their channel. Remember these celebs:

  • Josh Elliott – Elliott left a starring role on Good Morning America for NBC only to leave the network less than two years later.Where is he now? Who knows.

  • Sam Champion – Champion was lured away from ABC and Good Morning America by The Weather Channel, which is owned by NBC. He lasted maybe three years – talk about the perfect storm.

  • Billy Bush – had barely shut the door at Access Hollywood to start at NBC in New York when the Trump audio tape was leaked. Trump was elected President of the United States and Bush was fired from NBC.

Sure, she effectively wrangled with Trump during the election, but can she navigate the murky waters of NBC promises? Sam Champion and Josh Elliott are certainly a cautionary tale – do they really want Megyn, or do they just want her off the air at FOX?