#GoldenGlobes Best Tweets of the Night

The 2017 Golden Globes were last night. – here are the best Twitter highlights on everything from the Red Carpet to dissing Trump to Meryl Streep’s dress:

Ryan Seacrest: “Tell me about your dress?” Emma Stone, with best answer of the night: “It’s pink and there are stars on it.”

“The Golden Globes: One of the few places left where America still honors the popular vote.” — Jimmy Fallon’s opening


Poor Donald Trump’s ego.. “In 12 days we’re gonna find out what would’ve happened if King Joffrey lived”

Congrats to the teleprompter, the first person to get drunk at the !

How come when celebrities drink at the Golden Globes it’s “fun” and “humanizing” but when I drink it’s “scaring the other IKEA customers”?

Golden Globes: Did he just say kids? Cut to the Stranger Things kids.
Tom Hiddleston: Kids are suffering in Sudan.
GG: Fuck.

flahertykeely 13h13 hours ago
find someone who looks at you the way literally everyone looks at meryl streep

BREAKING PHOTO: Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton waiting for Donald Trump’s reaction to her speech.

brie larson: *reads casey affleck‘s name on the card* brie larson: i’d like to be excluded from this narrative

Finally, a President willing to take down Meryl Streep for her acting and defense of the handicapped! Glory to America!