Best Tweets of the Week 1/28/17

And, oh what a week it’s been … Inauguration, Women’s March, March for Life, gag orders, crowd sizes, alternative facts, walls, the press secretary’s passwords and rogue National Park Service accounts. Thank you Twitter for being you.

Jan 24

Blink if you need help

Jan 25

Sean Spicer, I’ve said this to @ and now I’ll tell you: Mexico is not going to pay for that fucking wall.

Jan 26

someone should just start running for president like immediately. trump wouldn’t be able to resist campaigning again. agenda would stall

Sean Spicer has only made 16 tweets since becoming @. An eighth of them have been the account’s password. Hopeless. Scary.

Jan 24

What if the wall is so we can’t get out.

CheriJacobus Jan 23

it might not be Obama’s inaugural crowd size Trump envies

Jan 24

“The EPA is bad,” Sean Spicer says, pulling out a bag of paint chips and slowly eating them. “Yum, lead,” he grimaces. “Nature’s candy.”

NerdyNegress 18h18 hours ago

Library Humor.

Jan 20

I’m gonna miss a First Lady who could do incline dumbbell press with 35lb each. And who had a college education.

Jan 20

Trump is not what I imagined when they said “Orange Is The New Black”

Jan 20

“Live each day like Donald Trump has the nuclear codes” is the new “Dance like nobody’s watching”

Jan 20

when none of your friends show up to your birthday party but you still have to come out of your room to say hi to your family

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