Funniest Tweets of the Night #TheBachelor

Another boring, we mean dramatic filled Bachelor episode. By the way does anyone else think Vanessa looks a little like Penelope Cruz?


nelsonaddison 15h15 hours ago
Nick to Kristina: sorry, I really do like you, but the producers told me I have to go meet Corinne‘s nanny & eat cheesy pasta

andilavs 14h14 hours ago
“Never jiggle…lightly massage.” I’m just going to come out and admit I have no idea what kind of sex this is.

Possessionista 14h14 hours ago
Corinne’s vagine may be platinum, but Nick’s balls are blue.

AnnaKendrick47 16h16 hours ago
Is Danielle just sleepy? Cause if so, I sympathize.

KyleighWegener 16h16 hours ago
Kristina‘s like, “Hell no. I did not escape Russia to get eaten by a shark.”

SeanLowe09 16h16 hours ago
You know what makes you not want to throw in the towel? The contract you sign with ABC saying you owe them a full season.

lolbachelor 16h16 hours ago
Nick: After reviewing my contract, I have decided that I still really want to be here

deannalueck 15h15 hours ago
I wanna introduce Corinne to the concept of hair brushing

bachelorburnbk 16h16 hours ago
Last week on … all the people went home, Nick was super over-dramatic and everything went to shit. Who’s ready for tonight?!

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