18 Warnings When Dating


Here are some dating warnings for all of our single lady friends out there. The stories we know would make your head spin. Seriously – we are going to write a book someday. Advice to young women dating or actively engaged on dating sites:

  1. No divorce is completely amicable. No, you did not find the one gem that has an awesome relationship with his ex.
  2. Anyone over 35 is likely lying about their age.
  3. If they have children ask the ages of their children. We know one guy has a picture of himself on his profile with a two year old. It’s not his kid – his kids range in age from seven to 16.
  4. If they have kids and don’t mention spending time with them as one of their interests or in the “For Fun” category on dating site that’s a red flag that something is off. Why don’t they mention their kids as an interest or what they like to do in time off – being a parent – divorced or not – is not a part time job.
  5. If they are “separated” ask them if they live with their ex. If they live with a woman they’ve had an intimate relationship with they are still together. Even if they’re separated – they’re still crawling into bed together when it suits them.
  6. If they say they are divorced ask them when the divorce was – it’s very likely they’re still married and just separated.
  7. Will they ever let you randomly check their phone?
  8. If they are over 40 and have never been married don’t get your hopes up.
  9. Ask them what their ex would say about them if you contacted them.
  10. Do they only take you to things that are free? Free wine tastings at restaurants? Do they get free tickets from their company?
  11. Go on a date that involves drinking – can they handle their alcohol?
  12. Look at their social media pages. If their pages are private – why?
  13. Good looking men have sex as much as they want. Period. Usually on the first date.
  14. If they are heavily into Skype and have a lot of followers (100+) on Skype they’re sharing more than you think with more people than you could imagine.(It’s a “thing”)
  15. It’s simple: if he’s cheating with you he will cheat on you. (Flirting is cheating if he’s in a committed relationship.)
  16. Just because he doesn’t wear a wedding ring doesn’t mean he’s not married. We know soooo many men that are married and don’t wear their rings and cheat.
  17. If he says he and his wife aren’t doing well don’t assume the wife knows this. We’d bet $100 she doesn’t.
  18. Don’t think you’re the only one they’re dating. One of our friends, after his divorce, dated multiple women in one day. None of the women knew. Another guy we knew dated two women for almost a year and neither knew about the other. He’s now engaged to one of them and she still doesn’t know.