#TheBachelor Hometown Dates Funniest Tweets of the Night

Well the Bachelor hometown dates never disappoint and this episode certainly didn’t – think brother in the basement (we’ll let you figure out who we’re talking about); Corinne’s nanny; and making out in a swamp. Yes a swamp. Laying down in a swamp. IN A SWAMP.


ChrisHandsomeH 20h20 hours ago
Tonight on 4 families pretend to be thrilled with their daughter dating a 36-year-old sex addict on national tv

SeanLowe09 23h23 hours ago
Something tells me it’s not going to work out with Nick and Rachel.

23h23 hours ago
Rachel – “My dad can’t be here because of work…” Rachel‘s Dad – “Yeah I’m not going on that goddamn television show.”

michcoll 20h20 hours ago
This shirtless swamp make-out is asking me to put my fear of flesh-eating bacteria on the back-burner which is a hard ask

vnesvnes 23h23 hours ago
Anyone else shudder when Raven‘s hair was soaking in the swamp water during that wrestling scene?

charcoalpro 18h18 hours ago
Nick after going shopping with Corrine

tharpsarah1 19h19 hours ago
Corrine buys $3000 worth of clothes w/o batting an eye. I delete my whole cart when shipping is more than $5.

I love how everyone wants Raquel and Jorge to get together like the nanny and ranch hand in Parent Trap.

KatePeople 21h21 hours ago
Vanessa needs to have a TV movie made of her life so Chris Kattan and Seth Green can battle for the part of her brother.

BachelorHusband 21h21 hours ago
Maybe Vanessa‘s uncles could come over too

JP_Rosenbaum 21h21 hours ago

Vanessa‘s dad sees right through bullsh*t.

MichaelGarofola 21h21 hours ago
Vanessa‘s Dad just cross-examined Nick better than U.S. Senators in a confirmation hearing.

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