2017 #Oscars Favorite Tweets of the Night

Twitter was all about the Oscars last night (sidenote: please tell us Gary has a Twitter handle or will have one by the end of the day). The awards show may have ended up with a historical guffaw but there were lots of funny moments along the way including: tourists, Meryl Streep, and of course – in his typical Jimmy Kimmel style –  Jimmy casually inserted tasteful, yet effective Trump jokes throughout the evening.

bengreenman 16h16 hours ago
Well, that’s the first time an host has mentioned the president’s 5 am bowel movement.

Jake_Vig 15h15 hours ago
Fun Fact: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban brush each other’s hair 100x every night.

13h13 hours ago
Mel Gibson‘s granddaughter is pretty

andizeisler 13h13 hours ago
Want to feel old? When Mel Gibson was punching his last wife in the teeth, his new wife wasn’t even born yet.

13h13 hours ago
Good god, Mel Gibson + his wife look like Old Hollywood Glamour meets an Amber Alert.

goldengateblond 15h15 hours ago
Meryl Streep got a standing ovation and a black guy won the first award. Trump’s already having a bad night.

selectall 13h13 hours ago
Here’s hoping Gary’s viral fame cycle goes better than Ken Bone’s did

Photo published for Tour Bus Gary From Chicago Is the True Star of the Oscars

Lrihendry 3h3 hours ago
The tour bus folks walking into the celebrities looked at them like they were to be sympathied. Like regular people were homeless.

juliekosin 15h15 hours ago
denzel is eternally unimpressed and it inspires me

DaveA_33 12h12 hours ago
Denzel channeling his Alonzo character from “Training Day” after losing to Casey Affleck at the

GigiTracyXO 5h5 hours ago
Best Picture Actress in a Leading Role

BeauWillimon 11h11 hours ago

BREAKING: FBI Director Comey launching classified probe on Price Waterhouse Cooper. Chaffetz investigating Beatty‘s emails.

Collider 17m17 minutes ago

The end of the in a nutshell