#BachelorinParadise Best Tweets of the Night

Last night’s Bachelor in Paradise’s Labor Day of Love did not disappoint – we had literal scallop fingers, douchey Dean, old camp counselors and Ben returning to Zeus – what more could one want?

8h8 hours ago
Wells Adams Retweeted Bachelor in Paradise

I wonder if my parents are like “sure glad we paid for that journalism degree”

Wells Adams added,

13h13 hours ago
“I’m sorry, the old Dean can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, he’s dead.”

7h7 hours ago
So many of us have had a Dean in our life and so many of us have been a Kristina. Which is why we’re all drunk tonight.

12h12 hours ago
Barbie and Ken is the perfect nickname for Robby and Amanda. After all, Robby’s hair has also not moved since 1961.

11h11 hours ago The worst part of the Dean-Kristina-DLo triangle is DLo’s outfit for the night

12h12 hours ago
I feel like we are seeing this happen IRL


12h12 hours ago
Concept: Ben Z as bachelor and his dog gives out the roses

12h12 hours ago
I wanna see the reunion between Ben and his dog real bad.

12h12 hours ago
Whenever Wells says anything clapping_BIP

13h13 hours ago
and Amanda look like a couple that’ll cook unseasoned chicken together and be proud of it

12h12 hours ago


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