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Craigslist Crushes: West Elm

We love West Elm but we also love deals – what better way to get deals on our favorite home store products than on Craigslist? See the fun furniture and lighting items we… Continue reading

Craigslist Crushes: West Elm Furniture

We can’t always afford everything on our West Elm wish list – so we checked Craigslist – why not buy someone else’s barely used items for a discount? In Houston – West Elm… Continue reading

Go Wild on Craigslist

Looking to add a little wildness to your home? We found some great products on Craigslist including leopard print and cowhide chairs. In Nashville, Tennessee – Set/2 Grey Vintage Dining Chairs Leopard Print… Continue reading

Craigslist Crushes: Red, White & Blue Furniture

In honor of the upcoming election we found red, white and blue furniture for sale on Craigslist. There are some really good deals from Boston to San Francisco! In Seattle, Washington – Red… Continue reading

Craigslist Crushes: Modern Furniture

We love the option of buying used – already assembled – furniture on Craigslist. See some of the modern finds we came across today from Washington, DC to Los Angeles. In Washington, DC… Continue reading

Craigslist Crushes: Family Dining Room Tables

Looking for an affordable family dining table? See the great tables we found today on Craigslist. They have everything from farmhouse to mid-century modern styles. Why not use someone else’s barely used furniture… Continue reading

Craigslist Crushes: Color Furniture

Found lots of great color furniture on Craigslist today – why pay full price when you can buy someone else’s barely used furniture for a fraction of a price. In Northern Virginia –… Continue reading

Craigslist Crushes: West Elm

Look at the West Elm furniture finds we found on Craigslist today – for a fraction of their normal price – everywhere from Washington, DC to San Francisco: In Washington, DC – West… Continue reading

Craigslist Crushes: Rustic Furniture

We’ve been obsessed with rustic furniture lately and on a whim checked out Craigslist for some inspiration. See our rustic finds from Tennessee, Virginia, Oregon, Maine and more: In Nashville, Tennessee – Rustic… Continue reading

Craigslist Crushes: Wedding Leftovers

Surprise your future in-laws with your budget savvy wedding planning skills – use someone elses barely used wedding items for a fraction of the price. In Tysons Corner, Virginia – Wedding Banners –… Continue reading